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Every veggie but the kitchen sink!

June 30, 2009

I have been wanting to make a veggie burger for the longest time. The frozen ones in grocery stores are usually too greasy and expensive to justify buying them. Besides, how hard could it be?

My first attempt at veggie burgers - success!

My first attempt at veggie burgers - success!

Well I finally tried and succeeded in my book. They look like veggie burgers, they taste good, and they were even filling. However, I need to figure out the perfect combination. My first attempt turned into a test of how many ingredients can I possibly fit into one bowl? And there were still some ingredients I forgot about which were left out. Next time!

Veggie Burgers

created on-the-fly by Sarah Johnson

all measurements are approximate and should be adjusted to taste and preference

2 large zucchini
small bunch carrots
12 oz chick peas
1/4 c tahini paste
1/2 c bread crumbs
2 eggs
2 cloves garlic
1/4 c chives
2 T lemon verbena
2 T paprika
1 T salt
peanut oil

  1. Grate the vegetables and chop the garlic and herbs.
  2. Mix all ingredients in a large bowl – hands are preferred!
  3. Form the mixture into patties no thicker than 1 1/2 inches.
  4. Heat 1-2 T of peanut oil in a pan over medium to medium-high heat for each patty. Cook covered for 3-5 minutes on the first side and 2-3 minutes on the second side depending on the thickness of the patty and heat of the oil.

Serving Suggestions
I served the patty with guacamole on whole wheat bread. Alfalfa sprouts and a slice of tomato and some cheese would have been good too.

The variations for this recipe are limitless. The key points to remember are the binding agents which are not all necessary including breadcrumbs, egg, and tahini. Play around with them and others such as avocados or black beans to find what stays in a patty shape for you. Here is a list of ingredients which I forgot to put in:

  • peas
  • water chestnuts
  • turnips
  • mushrooms
  • black beans

And other ingredients which would be good in addition to or in lieu of what I used:

  • olives
  • lemon juice
  • ginger
  • eggplant
  • tomatoes
  • avocado
  • sesame seeds
  • red bell pepper
  • chipotle pepper
  • corn

The point is, this is such a versatile, simple recipe. Do what you want with it! And please do share… both the recipe and the food!