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High Class Hot Dogs

September 22, 2009

I got some turkey dogs in my foodshare one week. I wouldn’t go out and buy them normally. Nor would I buy hotdogs normally. But I had them so I tried cooking them in liquid as was recommended. The best liquid I had on hand was white wine. Wasn’t sure it would work but it did. Surprisingly well. So well that this is the only recipe I’ve used with the ten ‘dogs’ I had. Four left in the freezer and I’m looking forward to making this again!

high class version of the hot dog in white wine

high class version of the hot dog in white wine

White Wine Turkey Dogs

created on-the-fly by Sarah Johnson


4 turkey dogs
1/2 onion
1 c white wine
2 cloves
4 sage leaves
1 t ground white pepper
1 t anise seeds
1 T butter
1 T oil

  1. Heat the butter and oil in a pan.
  2. Slice the onions and sautee them until browned.
  3. Add the turkey dogs and brown for a minute.
  4. Add the wine to deglaze the pan.
  5. Add the rest of the ingredients.
  6. Bring the liquid to a boil, then simmer covered for 15 minutes.

Serving Suggestions
My favorite way to eat these ‘dogs’ is in the cooking liquid with a hunk of whole wheat bread to soak up the juice. Mmmm!

I haven’t varied this recipe yet because I’ve been so happy with it. But it’s open to different spices such as bay leaves instead of sage, fennel seeds or cumin seeds instead of anise seeds, sauerkraut instead of onions, etc. Perhaps a teaspoon of dijon mustard would add interesting flavor to the liquid?


CSA Week 3: Bounty

June 19, 2009

Another wonderfully satisfying week with the Greensgrow foodshare! I was astonished at the size of the zucchini – they’re monstrous! And I never knew that zucchini could be yellow. The items included fennel sausage, some kind of hard cheese which will be excellent with a strong red wine, eggs, kale, spinach (not pictured), zucchini, carrots, turnips, and cherries.

eggs, carrots, cherries, kale, cheese, fennel sausage, zucchini, turnips

eggs, carrots, cherries, kale, cheese, fennel sausage, zucchini, turnips

The cherries are, of course, the richest, darkest, juciest ones I’ve ever had. The turnips are the most pristine I’ve seen. Not sure what to do with them yet. They need to be treated with the utmost respect, as opposed to my usual mashed turnips. The carrots are so beautiful I don’t even want to touch them! And the greens attached to them are so splendid. Does anyone know if I can use the carrot greens for something?